7 Must see places for first time Visitors, Macau.

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Macau as a destination has much more to offer apart from the indulgence in casinos. Here are some of the places that are worth a visit.

1) Taipa

Taipa is an Island in Macau, and there are plenty of things to see within it, but you can’t miss Rua Do Cunha in Taipa Village. This narrow pedestal street with its old charm is famous for its various exotic dishes such as Coconut flakes, Peanut candy, Egg rolls amongst other travelers and also has multiple Portuguese restaurants clouded in each street almost like that of a maze. A hidden gem of this place is the expat bar called Old Taipa Tavern.

2) Macau Tower

The most striking landmarks in Macau has to be the Macau tower. Not only does one get to witness the Alluring 360-degree view of the city from the observation deck but if you’re a brave heart seeking thrills, then the ultimate adrenaline rush is climbing the top of the tower of a whopping 338 meters high, accompanied by a guide. Oh, what a wicked experience.

3) Senado Square

Located in the central of Macau, this historic public square used to be the meeting place of Chinese and Portuguese until the 18th century. Enclosed by buildings of Leal Senado, General post office and St.Dominic’s Church with Portuguese pavements and European-Style architecture makes for a pleasurable walk while you discover the fusion of modernity and cultural exchange of East and West.

4) St.Paul’s Ruins

A 17th Century Portuguese church dedicated to Saint Paul, the Apostle is Macau’s best-known landmarks. Unfortunately, remains are what is left of this place. A ten-minute walk from Senado square, the ruins consist of the intricately carved stone facade and sits on a small hill with 68 stones leading to it. The ruins restored by the Macanese government into a museum is bolstered with concrete and steel which allows the tourists to climb up to the top and get a closer look of the facade and a bird’s view of the square.

5) Coloane Village

Coloane the Island, formerly a haven for pirates who sought shelter in its many coves, is mostly rural and provides a good break from the crowded Macau peninsula. You’ll find the Coloane village quaint with its Pastel colored Portuguese houses and narrow lanes. It is joyful to walk around these streets and rest assured that you get to indulge in sumptuous Macanese cuisine as the area is flanked around by plenty restaurants. Lately the stretch is developing rapidly, and as a result, you can also witness fine-dining restaurants. You can get here by either bus or by taxi.

6) Penha Hill

Located to the south of Macau peninsula in Sao Lourenco, Penha hill stands 62.7 meters above sea level. Atop the hill stands the ‘Lady of Penha Church’ which requires a bit of climbing. The chapel designed in a simple and elegant style is charming. The view from the hill is splendid, and you’ll be able to appreciate the calmness of the place as it's not a popular spot amongst tourists yet. There are also markets and restaurants around the hill, and it's a great way to start your day.

7) Cotai Strip

You’ve heard of Macau known as Asia’s Las Vegas and if you want to find out why? Just head to the Cotai strip that connects Taipa and Coloane. As the name suggests, this entire strip has plenty of Marvelous Shopping malls, fantastic restaurants, and Grand casinos to Indulge in. You can either stroll around the area or just hit a particular Joint; I leave it up to your discretion in choosing the exceptional hangout of them all. However, here are a few terrific mentions of the avenue, The Galaxy, City of Dreams, Studio City, MGM Grand and Venetian Macau.

Apart from these iconic spots, here are a few places worth your visit if you have the time to spare. A-Ma temple, Bronze Kun lam statue, the oldest casino in Macau Lisboa, The Fisherman's Wharf and Mandarin's house.

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