Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Top 5 places to explore on a 48-hour stint.

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

One thing is for sure, visiting any destination in a curtailed time, is not the ideal measure of what the region has to offer. On the other hand, with limited time and in an age where cruising around isn’t just for leisure anymore, hitting these prime spots of Kuala Lumpur allows you to sense the pulse of the place.

1. Petronas Twin Towers

Whether you’re an architecture buff or not, the Petronas twin skyscrapers positioned in the KLCC is worth your visit. The (451.9 meter) towers are connected by a double-decker sky bridge to form the shape of an “M” for Malaysia symbolizing the country’s advancement. You can skip the lines by booking in advance to catch the spectacular view of the cityscape from the observation deck, or you can stroll around the twin towers area admiring the framework and clicking endless selfies. Besides that, there is umpteen number of shopping malls, beautiful park, and a musical fountain to keep you entertained. Come nightfall, and the area magically transforms into this hotbed of activities and the incredible lighting aids to bring the place alive.

2. Jalan Alor, The Food Street of Kuala Lumpur

Food! Food! And more food! Wondered what street eating on a mass scale looks like? You now get to live that experience. Located in the heart of the city, Jalan Alor allows you to sample various delicious culinary traditions. The street crammed with people makes it more exciting in committing to the dish you’d like to devour. However, this is not the representative of the quality of local food but it sure is an amusing street to try some local delicacies, and the vibe of the road is savage. Some of the favorites from the walkway are handmade Dim Sum (Ah, so colorful), Deep fried Durian, Lok Lok was also known as ‘’Steamboat on a stick’’, Malaysian Rojak (A fruit salad with thick sweet sauce and chopped peanut) Oyster Omelet and other plenty seafood.

3. Batu Caves

A 20-minute drive from the city center to the Gombak district of Batu caves, hands down is one of the most visited spots of Kuala Lumpur. The cave temple is the focal point of Hindu worshippers and attracts thousands of devotees and visitors. There aren’t any entrance fees yet, however, don’t be surprised to walk into a site covered with concrete as part of the on-going renovation plans. The 300 odd stairs to the top of the cave can be bit exhausting, but the good news is that you can stop as often as you’d like for a quick break. Rest assured, the monkeys around are going to leave you entertained. Be that as it may, the 45 minute guided tour into the conservational dark cave is a must as it is both adventurous and insightful touring through the limestone passages that are over a million years old.

4. Changkat Bukit Bintang

Choosing the night scene activity in Kuala Lumpur can be merely puzzling because of its array of choices, be it the rooftop bars, Posh cocktail lounges, Street nightclubs or live-music bars all make for an incredible privilege. For the sake of nailing it to one such venue, I’d go with Changkat Bukit Bintang. Bukit Bintang, well regarded as KL’s trendiest entertainment center offers everything from sleek shopping centers, five-star hotels, and vibrant nightclubs. Say hello to after-dark entertainment street, that has endless choices of bars and restaurants. Catering to a diverse populace, it’s not surprising to hear a mix of Latin American, Trance, Funk, Hip-hop and R&B tunes while exploring the night scene at Changkat's lively streets. Frequently visited by young locals, International travelers and expats, the food offerings, extensive drink list and energetic ambiance are exceptional here.

5. Merdeka Square

The square marks for a significant historical act as it was here, for the very first time that the Malay flag was raised when Malaysia was declared Independent. The square was officially named as Dataran Merdeka and is the annual venue for Merdeka Parade. The best way to cover the landmark would be by walking, as you also get to view many other colonial buildings and the ones that stand out are the Sultan Abdul Samad, a gem of the Moorish architecture and the Royal Selangor Club, A Tudor style wooden building. Indeed an enjoyable walk amidst the colonial core of Kuala Lumpur can be easily reached by catching a train or by a cab.

And, if you still have time to spare and have the zeal to trot further, here are a few excellent options to choose from, Masjid Negara (National Mosque), Central Market and the National Museum.

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Visa for Indians: E-Visa (3 Options), VOA only if traveling from Thailand or Singapore

Duration: 15 - 30 days

Purpose: Tourism

Travel: By Air

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit

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