How to experience one of the best sundowners of your life at Gokarna, Karnataka, India.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Holidaying at a beach is the last thing I ever wish to do while in India. Growing up in India, I always thought the ample pleasure of being by the beach is somehow lacking here. That was until I came across the Kudle beach in Gokarna. The vibe of this place is very different from the usual beaches that one may have visited in India. Not necessarily better, but different. It was a mix of locals and Foreign travelers (Backpackers) infused together in the service of each other. It sort of feels like a brewing cult. 

Kudle beach from below the mountain.

Kudle Beach is one of the many beaches in Gokarna, situated only a few minutes' walks from Gokarna Beach or Om Beach. The beach is a paradise for those who love peace and quietude while they travel. A complete recluse, this beach offers the most silent and serene atmosphere to enjoy a sunset, a walk along the shore or simply sit and observe the never-ceasing tides.

View of the Kudle beach from the mountain top

What I cherish the most, here at Kudle was the private stay I took possession of for a couple of days. While booking it, I had no clue as to what a paradise it would turn out to be. The cottage located on top of a mountain was less than perfect for the comforts and the service but the view was unpretentiously impeccable. I could see the uninterrupted coastline of the beach from the cottage and wasn’t summoned to rush off to the beach yet. The person who owned the farm prompted a sunset point and walked away. I thought to myself, a walk on the steep trail to catch the sunset isn’t such a bad idea and took off to ferret around.

The entire view on top to myself, Kudle.

Just before the sunset

I obviously had no clue that I’d have the entire view to myself. Something that is a blessing to anybody who enjoys’s their own company.  The pathway I walked had tall grass that had turned into creamy haze attributable to the sunlight bouncing off of the terrain and, the breeze whispering sweet nothings into my ears. I had made it on top off the cliff at the right time and the panorama I caught sight of had me mesmerized. As much as I savored being alone, in that particular moment felt the deep urge from within to unveil the stomping grounds to the whole of mankind that I thought I had discovered.

The cliff on the right side into the Kudle beach


The sun was blazing in all it’s glory while getting set to sink into the horizon. I had never seen the sun so up close before and For all you hopeless romantics out there like myself, the real reason why we glorify these instances of beauty is that they are simply that.. idealized romance. Sundown seems to embody the sheer power of an utterly romantic point in time. Just like love at first sight, it takes your breath away, leaves you speechless and if only for a moment, slows down time.

Each boat going it's own way during the sunset

Sunsets like these are always special and I just didn't want to leave yet. With the sun’s last rays peeking out from the horizon comes the realization that tomorrow holds endless possibilities. You know it won’t last, but you savor every last bit of that fleeting beauty.

“Never go too long without watching a sunset” -Atticus.

Photography Credits

Shilpa Srinivas @flohwithme

Travel Related Information:

Enterance Fee - No entry Fee

Famous for - Beach trekking, Surfing, Tourism

Visting Hour - Beaches cannot be closed. However, it is advisable not to visit after the dark hours of night.


  • There are no lifeguards present on the beach which might turn out to be dangerous in certain cases.

  • Non-swimmers are advised to refrain from getting into the sea.

  • Carrying sunscreen lotion the deflect the heat and direct sun rays are advised.

Best Time to Visit

  • Summer starts around April and remains till June. During this time it gets hot and humid here and the temperature sometimes reaches to 40 degrees. So, summer may not be the ideal time to be at this place.

  • The winter months between November to March is the best time to visit the beach. The temperature ranges between 20-30 degree celsius making it a pleasant weather and soothing time to enjoy sunbath. Also, the availability of different types of sea food reaches it’s peak during the winter months.

Stay -

White elephant restaurant and cottages

Address - Kudle Beach Rd, Dandebagh, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326, India